What is "Gravitas"............?


Rob Brown is one of the world’s leading experts in business relationships, with a body of experience, resources and expertise in the realm of turning relationships into profits. A top motivational conference speaker, he is author of over 50 publications, including his seminal work How to Build Your Reputation.

Now an Amazon best-seller, UK government adviser Lord Digby Jones said in his foreword for this book:

“Rob’s dedication and expertise in this largely untouched field will do wonders for your will do wonders for your reputation, your wallet and your opportunities!”

Rob recently interviewed Rory Murray, on Social Networking and Gravitas, for his collection of interviews with key business people and thought leaders with particular insight and expertise in personal gravitas, as part of his 7 Laws of Personal Gravitas series.  Just scroll down to Rory's interview.

Or you can click here to download Rory’s Interview which is about 15 minutes long.