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Networking for a Living in an economic downturn

It is a fact that the markets are unstable and the banks are having a hard time and people are getting laid off.  There’s not a lot we can do about that, but we can each ensure that our own value is promoted in a way that means we each have the best possible opportunity of success in these tough economic times.


The career enhancing aspects of Social Networking

I have been motivated to write this after a number of recent conversations with friends and ex-colleagues who are just starting to understand the power of effective Social Networking in a business context....... or is that "Business Networking"......?  Does it matter either way?

The recent conversations break down into broad categories, as follows:


My Top Social and Business Networking Experts

This series of articles spotlights some of the people I respect most as experts in the Social and Business Networking space, for a variety of reasons.   This list is not exhaustive and represents my personal opinions on the characters that enrich networking for me..........


Suncao Art of War Blog........ have a read!

There is a superb series of articles on a blog entitled "Suncao Art of War Blog" go and have a read!

I recommend this site as being worth a bit of your time to read and digest...........



Becoming a social networking Expert

The difference between competency and expertise is refinement - the difference between the technically competent and the artistically gifted.  What makes an expert....?


Developing social networking expertise

It’s important to understand the objectives of Social Networking:


INSPIREDelivery! - What is it............?

INSPIREDelivery! is a methodology for achieving Operational Excellence within complex environments, such as Telecoms and Government.  It can be used at any stage in the lifecycle, from intial gap analysis to final implementation across Transformation, Change and Projects and covers all aspects including technology, people, process and systems.


ROR Essential Elements – 7 Network internally as well as externally

In the last of the “Essential Elements” Series, the focus is on how to maximise your Reputation in the Marketplace inside your organisation as well as outside and the impact this can have on your effectiveness and your value.

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